Enterprise strength

 Enterprise strength 

Decades,Plant extracts | Pharmaceutical raw materials | Intermediates, customized research and development and CDMO production experience.


Yunnan Hande Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 1993. The new production base is located in Taiping New City, 10km west of Kunming City. The company's business covers customized R&D and processing consulting services for plant extracts, pharmaceutical raw materials, and intermediates.

Hande Bio includes testing laboratories that meet international standards, covering all testing items such as liquid phase, gas phase, metal elements, infrared, microorganisms, moisture measurement, stability inspection, etc., using all imported testing equipment, complete data integrity IT system, efficient High and fully enclosed separation and purification production lines, as well as clean workshops for finished product purification.

At the same time, Hande Bio is equipped with QC testing room, QA, R&D and other teams, and has successively obtained a number of patents to meet customer needs for product project testing, and to provide domestic and foreign customers with stable quality products and related technical services.

Research and Development Strength

Hande has a Research and Development team for many years. The team has applied for a number of patented inventions, and the process is seamless from laboratory to commercial mass production.

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Production Ability

Hande has built its own GMP production base, and has passed the regulatory review of US FDA, EU EDQM, China GMP, Japan PMDA, Australia TGA, South Korea, India, China Taiwan, Turkey, Russia, SGS, D&B and other regulations. At the same time, the company is equipped with a research and development team, and has successively obtained a number of patents. QC testing room, highly realize product item testing.

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Regulation registration and declaration Strength

After years of development, Hande has many years of Regulation registration and declaration experience and is familiar with the Regulation registration and declaration process.

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Cooperation Method

1、When customers put forward demands, Hande responds quickly and provides research and development, analytical method development, quality research, declaration, and mass production. 

2、Based on Hande's research database, recommend products to customers in need and jointly expand the industry.