Technology Transfer Services

Service Overview

Hande Biotech provides all-round and integrated new drug R&D and production services for the global biomedical industry. Through enabling global pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies, Hande Biotech is committed to promoting the process of new drug research and development and bringing more new drugs and good drugs to patients around the world.


Technology transfer of anti-tumor drugs

Applied products:polyoxyethylene castor oil paclitaxel,liposome paclitaxel,albumin paclitaxel,micellar paclitaxel,oral paclitaxel,nano paclitaxel.

Effect of paclitaxel injection:treat breast cancer,lung cancer and ovarian cancer


Hande can provide high-purity paclitaxel raw materials to help pharmaceutical enterprises and improve product safety!

Technology transfer of medicine and machinery combination

Applied products:drug eluting stent,drug balloon

Drug eluting stent effect:prevent lipid substances in the blood from depositing again to form new blockage through the anticoagulant effect of paclitaxel.

Drug balloon effect:it can support residual stenosis of lesions and reduce elastic retraction after balloon expansion;Paclitaxel coating can inhibit the proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells,which is expected to reduce the occurrence of restenosis


Hande can provide high-quality paclitaxel raw materials,help medical device enterprises and improve the stability of products!

Paclitaxel safety and supply guarantee capability

In the core part of anti-cancer drugs and vascular drug coating devices,safety and supply guarantee are crucial for these two major fields.

Taxus chinensis

Paclitaxel is a natural secondary metabolite isolated and purified from the bark,branches and leaves of the gymnosperm Taxus chinensis.It has good anti-tumor effect and is used to treat advanced breast cancer,lung cancer,ovarian cancer,head and neck cancer,soft tissue cancer and digestive tract cancer.Taxus branches and leaves are used to treat leukemia,nephritis,diabetes and polycystic kidney disease.It is the most popular anti-cancer drug in recent years and is considered to be one of the most effective anti-cancer drugs in the next 20 years.

Hande Planting Base

The planting base of Taxus chinensis Hande is located in the planting base of tens of thousands mu of high content Taxus chinensis in Yunnan,which can fully meet the future demand for raw materials.

Yield of Hande paclitaxel

Natural paclitaxel:500kg/year.

Semi synthetic paclitaxel:600-800kg/year.

The output of Hand paclitaxel can meet the global demand for high-quality APIs.

Manufacturer of Hende Paclitaxel API

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