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What is RRC?

Technical Service Process


Technical Service Advantages

Hande Bio is a high-tech enterprise specializing in biotechnology research and development. The company is equipped with QC testing rooms, QA, R&D and other teams. It has obtained a number of patents to meet customer needs for product project testing and to provide domestic and foreign customers with stable quality. products and related technical services.

Prodution Line

Production Ability 04

Multiple size options, Extraction and purification process

Quality System

Hande Regulatory Registration Filing

Built on the FDA's 6 major systems, meets the requirements of CN/USA/Euro regulatory, and can be audited at any time


factory 02

Professional team with years of global declaration experience

QC Test

Our Team

Network version equipment, have data integrity, comprehensive test


Hande factory 01

Sound research ability, rapid response to small pilot test of new products


Our Qualifications

Declared 40+ patents

Internal synergy

Enterprise activities 02

Collaborative system with top priority, effective KPI incentives

Plant Base

Taxus chinensis

Databse for plant base, Qualify palnt supplier


Hande factory 04

Active ingredient database, proposal for selection of products



Provide one-stop development services from plant, to research, to production, to test and to public

Introduce more detailed technical service advantages to you.

Our technical services

1. When customers put forward demands, Hande responds quickly and provides research and development, analytical method development, quality research, declaration, and mass production.
2. Based on Hande's research database, recommend products to customers in need and jointly expand the business scope.

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Production Ability 04

Special needs of customers - mature products

Research and Development Strength02

Customer's research and development needs - new products

Hande Regulatory Registration Filing

Hand excavation stimulates new demand

Case Studies

Based on the pain points and needs of the enterprise, Hande Bio has focused on building technical services for the needs of enterprises at various stages of industrialization. We are committed to meeting the needs of customers at different stages, providing professional solutions and service projects.

Hande Biological can formulate corresponding solutions according to the needs of customers. Let's take a look at specific cases together.

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Case 01


Customer Needs - Melatonin

Case 03


Customer Needs - Ecdysterone 2

Case 02


Customer Needs - Ecdysterone 1

Case 04

Cepharanthine 98%  CAS 481-49-2 Novel coronavirus specific medicine

Customer Demand-Cepharanthine

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Hande Bio,With 30 years professional background of plant extracts and APIs, we are not only a qualified supplier but also specialized on assisting pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, Health & Beauty brands to develop their new products.

Our professional team with R&D, quality control and production system will provide you the one-stop service with ingredients from natural extracts, formulas and CRO/CDMO/Regulatory Registration Filing.Provide more comprehensive and systematic support for your market expansion, if necessary, you can contact us.

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