Application of ecdysterone in feed additives

Ecdysterone is an important bioactive substance,which has been widely used in the field of feed additives.This paper will introduce the physiological function of ecdysterone and its application in feed additives in detail,and analyze its market status and future development trend.

Application of ecdysterone in feed additives

The physiological role of ecdysterone

Ecdyone has a variety of physiological effects in insects and other arthropods.First,it can induce insects to molt and metamorphose,promoting growth and development.Secondly,ecdysterone can also regulate the energy metabolism process in insects and improve the efficiency of energy utilization.In addition,ecdysterone can also enhance the immunity of insects and improve their resistance to disease.

The application of ecdysterone in feed additives

Ecdysterone has wide application value in the field of feed additives because of its physiological effects such as promoting growth and development and improving immunity.

1,promote animal growth:Add an appropriate amount of molting hormone in the feed,can promote the growth and development of animals,improve their growth rate and feed conversion rate.This is of great significance for the breeding industry,which can effectively reduce breeding costs and improve economic benefits.

2,improve immunity:ecdysterone can enhance the immunity of animals,improve their resistance to disease.Adding ecdysterone to feed can help animals better cope with various disease challenges and reduce the occurrence and spread of diseases.

3,improve meat quality:ecdysterone can regulate the energy metabolism process in the animal body,affecting the synthesis and distribution of fat and muscle.This helps to improve the meat quality of the animal and increase its nutritional value.

4,reduce environmental pollution:ecdysterone can reduce the nitrogen,phosphorus and other nutrients in animal excrement,reduce the environmental pollution caused by the breeding process.

Market status and future development trend

At present,the application of ecdysterone in the field of feed additives has been widely recognized,and the market demand is growing.However,due to the limited source of ecdysterone and its high price,its large-scale application in feed additives is limited.Therefore,it is necessary to further study and develop new synthetic methods and technologies in the future to reduce the production cost of ecdysterone and promote its wide application in feed additives.

In short,ecdysterone,as an important bioactive substance,has a wide application prospect in the field of feed additives.With the continuous progress of science and technology and the continuous growth of market demand,it is believed that the future application and development of ecdysterone will usher in a broader space.

Note:The potential benefits and applications presented in this article are derived from the published literature.

Post time: Nov-22-2023