Hande Bio-Tech:Leading API CDMO Service Provider Powering Global Drug Research and Production

Yunnan Hande Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Hande Bio-Tech)is a professional enterprise engaged in contract development and manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients(API).As one of the leading API CDMO service providers,we are committed to providing high-quality and efficient services for global customers.This article will introduce Hande Bio-Tech’s API CDMO services and its advantages.

Hande Bio-Tech Leading API CDMO Service Provider Powering Global Drug Research and Production

Hande Bio-Tech’s API CDMO services cover the entire process from drug research and development to large-scale production.We have a high-quality scientific research team that can provide research services including medicinal chemistry,pharmacology,and drug formulation for customers.We use the most advanced instruments and technologies to provide customized solutions for customers.

In terms of chemical synthesis,Hande Bio-Tech has rich experience and technical reserves.We can provide synthesis services for active pharmaceutical ingredients from milligrams to kilograms and improve productivity,purity,and quality while reducing costs by optimizing reaction conditions and process routes.We can also develop and optimize processes according to customer needs to improve the stability and efficacy of drug ingredients.

In terms of analysis and quality control,Hande Bio-Tech adopts advanced analytical techniques and quality management systems to ensure products meet the requirements of relevant pharmacopoeias and regulations.We can perform quantitative and qualitative analysis of various drug ingredients,including HPLC,GC,mass spectrometry,and provide timely feedback to customers on analysis results.

In terms of process validation and large-scale production,Hande Bio-Tech has first-class production bases and equipment.We can expand reaction capacity,develop production plans,optimize process parameters according to customer needs to ensure product stability and consistency.We can also provide technology transfer services to ensure consistency and quality stability of products produced in different locations.

Hande Bio-Tech also provides other supplementary research and development services such as pharmacokinetics research,physical and chemical property evaluation,stability studies,etc.At the same time,we also provide regulatory and compliance support to assist customers in meeting relevant regulatory and compliance requirements such as preparation of drug registration application documents and regulatory consulting.

In summary,as a professional enterprise in the API CDMO field,Hande Bio-Tech has rich experience and technical reserves and can provide all-round services from drug research and development to large-scale production for customers.We will adhere to the high-quality and efficient service concept,create value for customers,and promote the development of the pharmaceutical industry.

Post time: Dec-06-2023