High-quality API CDMO services fuel pharmaceutical innovation

Yunnan Hande Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.is a professional organization dedicated to providing high-quality API CDMO(Custom Development and Manufacturing Organization)services.As a leader in the pharmaceutical industry,we offer customized and efficient production solutions to global clients through technological innovation,process optimization,and stringent quality management,facilitating accelerated product launches and reduced production costs.

High-quality API CDMO services fuel pharmaceutical innovation

Technological Advantages

Yunnan Hande Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.boasts a research and development team composed of professional technical experts with extensive experience in pharmaceutical process development and a deep industry background.Through the introduction of advanced production technologies and equipment,we are committed to providing optimized production processes to ensure product quality and stability.

Service Offerings

Our service offerings for clients include,but are not limited to:

1.Process optimization and technical support:We provide process optimization and technical support tailored to specific products or manufacturing processes to enhance product quality,production efficiency,and safety.

2.Intermediate and raw material procurement:We offer intermediary and raw material procurement services to ensure the quality and price of the required materials meet clients’needs.

3.Contract manufacturing:We undertake clients’contract manufacturing requirements,managing the entire production process from raw material procurement to finished product manufacturing,meeting clients’demands for product cost,quality,and timelines.

4.Quality control:We provide quality control and assurance services to ensure products comply with local and international standards.

5.Technology transfer:We offer services for new product development and technology transfer to enhance clients’own research and manufacturing capabilities.

Project Management and Partnerships

Yunnan Hande Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.has an efficient project management team to ensure projects are completed on time,with quality and within budget.We have established long-term and stable partnerships with numerous renowned domestic and international enterprises,jointly promoting the development of the pharmaceutical industry.


Yunnan Hande Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.provides comprehensive API CDMO services with high-quality service,rigorous quality management,and continuous innovation,aiming to be a reliable partner in the pharmaceutical industry.We will continue striving to create greater value for clients,driving the development and progress of the pharmaceutical industry together.

Post time: Dec-05-2023